Restorative yoga

Simple Restorative Yoga Wall/Floor Series

Restorative Yoga is something that I've become a huge fan of over the last year. I find that it's a terrific complement to the more powerful vinyasa practices that I do. Often in fact, I take breaks from doing any vinyasa flows and just stick with Restorative for a week or two depending on how … Continue reading Simple Restorative Yoga Wall/Floor Series


Letting Go of Expectation During Meditation

Recently, a close friend of mine was asking me about meditation. He knows I practice yoga and meditation and he was picking my brain to find out a little bit more about how it could benefit him. At one point he uttered the famous phrase that every beginner says about meditation, “I CAN’T meditate. I … Continue reading Letting Go of Expectation During Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

Which Qualities Make a Good Yogi?

So, as I’m about to embark on my Yoga Teacher Training journey in just a few days, I decided to sit down and take some personal stock as to why I want to do this. I mean, there are the obvious intrinsic reasons…proper health, peace of mind, altruistic feelings from helping others, extended learning...but is … Continue reading Which Qualities Make a Good Yogi?