Turmeric for Daily Health Benefits

How do you feel about turmeric? Not a big fan? Well, listen up because you’ll probably change your mind after hearing about these incredible health benefits of this brightly colored spice! So, what changes can you expect in your body after a month of including turmeric in your diet? A 2013 study by researchers in … Continue reading Turmeric for Daily Health Benefits

Food and Yoga

Inbox: Yoga, Diet and Appetite

Here's a question that was emailed to me recently concerning someone who is new to Yoga and how he feels it is affecting his diet and overall health. Since I fully re-engaged in the Yoga "lifestyle" - and particularly since I entered Yoga Teacher Training - I have seen tremendous changes in my diet and … Continue reading Inbox: Yoga, Diet and Appetite

What Are You Doing to Deepen Your Yoga Practice?

Sometimes we yogis miss very clear opportunities during our daily lives to take our practice off of the mat and place it firmly and prominently into our every day existence. It can be all too easy to become comfortable with how we view our practice and the world around us. Yoga provides a wonderful toolbox … Continue reading What Are You Doing to Deepen Your Yoga Practice?

Restorative yoga

Simple Restorative Yoga Wall/Floor Series

Restorative Yoga is something that I've become a huge fan of over the last year. I find that it's a terrific complement to the more powerful vinyasa practices that I do. Often in fact, I take breaks from doing any vinyasa flows and just stick with Restorative for a week or two depending on how … Continue reading Simple Restorative Yoga Wall/Floor Series

Yoga Baby

5 Ways to Engage More Fully With Happiness

Happiness is not some “magical” place at which we arrive, and lasting Happiness can be difficult to obtain...without hard work that is. That's not what you wanted to hear is it? The truth is, happiness is a discipline, a practice and a persistence in challenging yourself and your belief systems. Happiness depends upon remaining open … Continue reading 5 Ways to Engage More Fully With Happiness

Beginning Yoga – Answers to Your Basic Yoga Questions

One of the most common questions we get at Yoga for Men is “How can I begin my home Yoga practice?” While there are many answers to this broad question, the solution varies greatly depending upon which stage of practice you are in, and what your prior physical history has been up until this point. … Continue reading Beginning Yoga – Answers to Your Basic Yoga Questions

Yoga class

5 Tips for Your First Yoga Class

Recently, I was asked by someone as to what to expect from his first yoga class. This person, oh, I'll call him..."Wayne", really wants to go down the yoga rabbit hole so to speak, but he's intimidated by thought of being splayed-out, sweaty and inflexible in front of a room full of strangers, uncertain as … Continue reading 5 Tips for Your First Yoga Class

Letting Go of Expectation During Meditation

Recently, a close friend of mine was asking me about meditation. He knows I practice yoga and meditation and he was picking my brain to find out a little bit more about how it could benefit him. At one point he uttered the famous phrase that every beginner says about meditation, “I CAN’T meditate. I … Continue reading Letting Go of Expectation During Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

Which Qualities Make a Good Yogi?

So, as I’m about to embark on my Yoga Teacher Training journey in just a few days, I decided to sit down and take some personal stock as to why I want to do this. I mean, there are the obvious intrinsic reasons…proper health, peace of mind, altruistic feelings from helping others, extended learning...but is … Continue reading Which Qualities Make a Good Yogi?