Yoga for Beginners is dedicated to enlightening men with knowledge of the ancient craft of Yoga, not only for stress reduction, but also for personal health – both internal an external. With some practice, dedication and an open mind, men will find that Yoga can directly benefit them in ways in which they may not have previously considered or been exposed to before. Yoga for Men firmly believes that with consistent application, men will find Yoga to not only enhance their physical wellbeing, but also enable them to obtain new levels of mental clarity, focus, and potency.

It’s time to flip the script

With today’s rapid change of pace and constant bombardment of information, it is becoming common knowledge to contemporary man – or at least it should be – that he can no longer put off or ignore his physical health, ongoing development of mental capabilities and spirituality. Our goal at Yoga for Men is to open the door for men to explore new avenues of accomplishing their goals – and in doing so – enable them to achieve a greater state of fulfillment and peace.

And although the name is “Yoga for Men”, women are more than welcome to participate. In fact, we’re not sure that we can accomplish our goals at YfM WITHOUT women. Today’s women are capable and forward-thinking, but unfortunately, Yoga is considered a “female only” discipline by the Western media mainstream.

We need to change this. Drastically.

And we need women’s help, as women are very social and capable of expressing themselves and their emotions. Women know how to spread the word. Women know how to communicate, and women know how to motivate their husbands and boyfriends. So if you’re a woman reading this, feel free to jump right in.

“Life is filled with many moving parts, each one of them interacting with the others to form the tapestry of our daily existence. Yoga mimics this very well…”

Quality over quantity

Yoga for Beginners believes in quality over quantity in all aspects of life.
Life is not about accumulation; it is about living each and every moment with joy, gratitude and determination. And Yoga is one way that the door to this attitude can be blown wide open. Life is filled with many moving parts, each one of them interacting with the others to form the tapestry of our daily existence. Yoga mimics this very well, as it is what is known as an “integrative” exercise – union of mind, body and spirit. But we’re not here to preach, we’re simply here to get men onto the mat. We figure that once you give Yoga a real, honest effort, you’ll figure out the good stuff on your own. Truly.



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